Агату Муцениеце подозревают в ссоре с Павлом Прилучным Fans worried about the star couple. Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny got married in 2011-m to year. Fans they seem the perfect couple, where there is love and understanding. Also they have two children.
Агату Муцениеце подозревают в ссоре с Павлом Прилучным

A couple of actors Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchnogo for many fans considered to be exemplary. The artists who met and fell in love with each other on the set of the youth series “school Closed”, have two children – Timothy and little MIA. However, recently fans have begun to suspect that between husband and wife strained relations. Such thinking has pushed them to the analysis of social networks – as it turned out, the couple no longer want to watch what happens in the accounts of each other.

Attentive fans immediately began to sound the alarm and ask all the right star of the family. They worried that the pictures began to appear not so often. Moreover, followers were outraged that the page Priluchnogo become increasingly flashed photographs of his colleagues Lukeria Ilyashenko.

“Pasha and Agatha broke up?”, “I don’t know why, but I feel a bit sorry Agatha, she still constantly looks at these women. Yes, Paul you do not understand, very sorry”, “Jealous, and what she should do, she saw that the married Beau” – shared their reasoning to fans.
Агату Муцениеце подозревают в ссоре с Павлом Прилучным

However, not so long ago the couple returned from a joint trip to Cyprus, where he went to relax with the whole family. Muceniece still shares photos from vacation. Also after the show “the Voice. Children”, where Agatha worked as a leader, they, too, flew away to escape from everyday problems.

However, the actors themselves are not in a hurry to confirm or deny assumptions of followers. In six years of marriage, they were able to prove the strength of their marriage is not in doubt, and two children of a young couple live in love and not overlooked by any of the parents. Muceniece admitted that makes in order to keep the family together.

“Started a good tradition – once a week for the whole day to cut down mobile phones, said Agatha with “StarHit”. – Decided once came to visit my mother – she has a house not far from Riga, around a forest. There is almost no signal, no TV – a full detox from the hype and bustle. When experienced the beauty of this unity with nature, and realized that I have often switched off.”