Agatha muceniece prophesied the betrayal of her husband

Агате Муцениеце напророчили измену мужа
Fans told the actress to interpret her dream.

Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny

Photo: @Instagram agataagata Agatha Muceniece

Agata muceniece is not only an actress, but a blogger. Paul’s wife Priluchnogo has its own channel on Youtube, where produces vlogs about family life. In addition, she actively maintains her blog. Through Instagram agate communicates with fans: telling them about the events of his personal life, and sometimes asks for advice. Recently she had a dream, with the interpretation which it appealed to the fans.

Agatha said: she dreamed that she was again pregnant. “What is dreaming, anyway?” addressed to the subscribers muceniece.

Fans responded and wrote a huge number of “prophecies”, from the upcoming problems in his personal life, ending with the birth of the third child. “Wait replenish”, “To divorce… Learn about treason,” “profits and income”, “will be conceived” — write Agatha. And really different horoscopes completely different interpretations of dreams about pregnancy. And what awaits muceniece really only time will tell.

Recall that Agatha and Paul were born in the marriage two children: son Timothy and daughter MIA. Not so long ago, agate admitted that he is not ready for the birth of the third child, because he wants a little break from “diapers, raspashonok” and start a career.