Agatha muceniece develops his two-month daughter

Агата Муцениеце развивает свою двухмесячную дочь
The actress listened to the opinion of doctors.

Агата Муцениеце развивает свою двухмесячную дочь

Agatha muceniece develops his two-month daughter

Daughter Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchnogo — MIA, only two
of the month and caring parents try in every way to develop. If son
Timothy young mother guided only by his intuition, the second
the child began to listen to the advice of doctors and experienced people. “Doctor we
advised me to buy a tummy time Mat, and Timothy, I am not bought and, honestly,
thought it was a useless thing! I was wrong, ” says muceniece. — MIA just loved it, and its development is going
only benefit!”

We will remind, Agatha muceniece, which at the beginning of March in the second
time became a mother, is already making huge strides in the difficult task of shedding weight.
The popular actress shared with her fans a photo from the gym
which shows that she is quite a skinny girl, what a dream to be a young
moms. However, Agatha is not entirely happy with her figure: muceniece
believes that she needs to lose another 4 pounds.

“Caught my first balance after childbirth! — signed star
the pole. — How hard it is to raise your excess weight! The funny thing is that the top
already lost weight, and legs are left: I hope that not for long. And the strange thing is
the scales are still treacherous show extra 4 lbs! But the press happy. And
again, who knows how to overcome the desire to eat “asked for help” cookies?”

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