Agatha muceniece condemned for bragging

Агату Муцениеце осудили за хвастовство The actress publicly demonstrated luxuries. Agatha muceniece posted in the microblog the photo, which captured jewelry and expensive salon cars. Subscribers stars negative view of the publication.

Agata muceniece has a great sense of humor and easy character. In Instagram she willingly shares with followers funny images, in which a building faces or funny poses takes. Also a young lady likes to joke in the captions to the posts. Usually fans of the actress share her irony.

However, on the eve of the star profile appeared the publication, not any of the users social network. The blonde shared a photo which showed the interior of an expensive car and wrist jewelry: watches and rings. Signature celebrity expressed his attitude to material goods.

“The height of spirituality and enlightenment, this is when girls such photos write about what they finally realized that money is not important!” – told Agatha.

Followers of the actress immediately responded to the post. They’ve experienced real anger about the behavior of pet. Members came to the conclusion that muceniece suffer stellar disease and openly boasts of luxury.

“You are beautiful and talented. Really love your family, but it is not good to show this”, “why this post?”, “Didn’t expect such humor from Agatha. More like to justify himself in publishing such photos. I wanted to demonstrate the wealth, so why philosophize?” commented users “Instagram”.

The comments of the detractors, the actress chose not to answer. By the way, the husband of the beautiful Paul Priluchny – also not averse to flaunt expensive toys. For example, recently he purchased a luxury car and immediately rushed to tell the subscribers microblog. Equipped with the latest technology, this machine made a splash on the fans of a celebrity. It is true then no one thought to suggest that the star of “Major” brags. Loyal fans congratulated the man with the purchase and wished smooth roads. Paul Priluchny boasted a fancy foreign car

Note that the public display of luxury – a rare phenomenon in the accounts of the spouses. Guys often publish photos from the film sets or family photos in the company of their children. So, the artist shared with fans a touching picture of a little daughter, MIA.