Agatha muceniece ceased to look after themselves

Агата Муцениеце перестала следить за собой The wife of actor Paul Priluchny shared with his followers the difficulties of motherhood. Young mother don’t have enough time because of all the attention she now devotes little MIA.

      Агата Муцениеце перестала следить за собой

      Agatha muceniece regularly shares with subscribers in Instagram the details of everyday life of a young mother. The actress and her husband Paul Priluchny raise two children – three-year-old Timothy and little MIA, who was born in early March. Not long ago, the followers muceniece learned that the daughter of Paul Priluchny first visited the doctor and took a walk around the city along with the star mother. However, after the birth of her daughter Agatha has left almost no time for myself. The actress even difficult to find the time to wash the head.

      Agatha posted on his microblog a photo with the perfect styling, which was signed: “Finally washed the head”. Many admirers of the actress supported her and wrote that she is a true heroine, because she has to babysit two children, while Paul is at work. Some women were sympathetic to this situation, noting that for them this is also a sore subject.

      This behavior is unusual for Agatha, since the actress always took good care of him and tried to look perfect. In the first months of pregnancy no one even knew muceniece is happily expecting a baby. Agatha remained active in the shooting and lived in the same rhythm.

      Recall that Paul and Agatha muceniece Priluchny became parents for the second time on 3 March. About this happy mommy told all his friends on his page in the social network. “So! All officially and urgently rush to congratulate unexpectedly the owner of a tiny printsesski! Yesterday, the third in March, a miracle happened the wonderful. Yay! Of course, for efficiency and true professionalism kowtow to my doctor and the hospital! Tears of happiness roll down the cheeks! How is it all magically!” – posted by Agatha at his daughter’s birthday.

      During pregnancy, the actress did not limit yourself to food, as do many celebrities. Agatha gained 11 pounds. Monitor the weight forced her to the doctor, believing that moderate diet will benefit future baby. Now muceniece trying to eat right and a lot of walking in the fresh air, to quickly get back in shape.

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