Агата Муцениеце и Павел Прилучный выставили чувства напоказ
The couple were finally reunited after a loud quarrel.

Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny

Photo: Social networks

Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny finally confirmed their reunion. In social networks have been a scene where the couple is depicted in a tender embrace. Agata posted a picture in a personal blog, leaving a comment signature, which implies that she and her husband sacrificed watching the game on soccer for time spent alone.

Rumours that Agatha and Paul did overcome a family crisis appeared last week. The couple was spotted during a joint trip on a motorcycle. None of the spouses did not comment on the meeting. However, by the fact, as gentle talked, and muceniece Priluchny it was possible to guess that a family quarrel was in the past.

What was the cause of the quarrel star “Major,” with his wife and remained a mystery to fans. The first and most popular version that the couple was put on pause was not confirmed. Paul officially declared that the guilt of a third party in their conflict. However, this did not prevent the fans to suspect first Priluchnogo treason with Lukeria Ilyashenko, and then to attribute muceniece novel with Dmitry nagievym.

Recall that in early June, Agatha left a message on the Network that her marriage to Paul paused. “Dear friends! All you and the press wonder about our Paul relationship. I will say briefly, our marriage is paused. We will solve this problem or not is unknown. A big request to respect us and not to throw questions,” wrote then muceniece.