Agata muceniece with the wind rolling on the husband’s car Rihanna and Cara Delevingne

Агата Муцениеце с ветерком прокатила на машине мужа Рианну и Кару Делевинь
The actress told how he went on the grass.

Agata Muceniece

Photo: @Instagram agataagata Agatha muceniece

Agata muceniece — quite an open person and willing to share with the fans in the microblog reflections on life, parenting and relationship with her husband. And recently on Instagram agate published a funny post where you told about the strange dream, she dreamed not so long ago.

“Good morning friends! I’m up here and remembered what I dreamt the weirdest! Today I am in a dream, went on trips, according to some generally unknown to me, the city, along with Kara Delving and Attention Rihanna! And Kara kept asking me to do a selfie… Next, I volunteered to ride girls on the Flank Range, which suddenly found itself on the streets of this city, and could not go on the road, I saw that the Cops see me circling on the lawn, I was really scared, but for some reason, I couldn’t get on the road! Here are some strange things sometimes in my head!” — shared muceniece. Fans reassured the actress, attributed her unusual dreams lack of sleep — a consequence of the emergence in March the family of Agatha and her husband Paul Priluchnogo little daughter.

Meanwhile, some time ago, Agatha spoke movingly about her feelings to her husband: “What is love?” Very difficult to answer… But, perhaps, when they came to her husband Peter, and realize that in two days even on the street did not come out from the room… Perhaps this is love!