Agata muceniece unwittingly destroyed someone else’s family

Агата Муцениеце невольно разрушила чужую семью
The actress did not expect such a turn of events.

A happy wife and mother of two beautiful children Agata muceniece would never have thought that her innocent passion will cause destruction of the whole family. The actress has long been relieves vlog “Prilichnye days”, which tells the story of his life. Her perfect relationship with her husband Paul Priluchny cause a lot of envy from the female half of subscribers Agatha. And that they caused the divorce by one of the fans of the actress.

“I recently received a very long email from a woman — said muceniece. She told me that when she started watching my vlogs, I realized that doesn’t love her husband that torments himself and is unhappy in the marriage. In the end, she got divorced. You know, I’m not upset! On the contrary, I am very happy for this woman. I must say: I am not for divorce, I am for a happy family. I always think that if you are in circumstances that make you unhappy (whether it’s marriage, study or work), these circumstances should be changed. No your sacrifice will never bring happiness to others, remember this. Only you — happy, sincere, real, can make others happy. I’m glad my vlogs inspire others to actions and to change your life for the better!”

Meanwhile, the life of Agatha is very similar to the tale. She is a popular actress and TV presenter. For a long time and happily married to an equally famous actor Paul Priluchnogo. The couple has two children — 5-year-old Timothy and 2-year-old MIA. Husband madly in love with Agatha and literally carries her in his arms. While muceniece not zazvezdilsya, she quietly communicates with fans through a personal blog on social media and honestly talks about all his “worldly” problems: lack of sleep, excess weight, and so on.