Агата Муцениеце располнела после примирения с Павлом Прилучным
The actress hides the extra pounds spacious clothes.

Agata Muceniece

Photo: @Instagram agataagata Agatha muceniece

Agata muceniece the newly gained weight. Not so long ago, during a quarrel with her husband Paul Priluchny, the actress boasted to friends that nerves could get rid of a few pounds. But the positive effect from family scandal did not last long: Agatha again stout. The actress was cast in a new project, whose organizers asked her again to gain weight.

Now muceniece weighs even more than before filming in the TV show “the Voice.Children.” When viewers harshly criticized for her extra pounds and she sat on a rigid diet. The dietary restrictions she hooked up regular exercise. “My goal is 54 kg,” — said the actress.

It has achieved significant success, but now because of work refused from the strict regime. “Now I weigh 60 pounds, but I cleverly disguise it with clothes…” — says Agata.

A few days muceniece showed what additional changes were required for the new role. In the beginning of the year, the actress still wore long white hair, then cut half, later made a square and now altogether ceased to be a blonde. Agate dyed her hair bright red, than plunged into a real shock their fans.