Агата Муцениеце заговорила о ссоре с Павлом Прилучным
The actress admitted that in their family are often manifested emotions.

Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny

Photo: Elena Sukhova

One of the most beautiful couples of our cinema — is
the title of Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny got from the beginning of his
family life. Of course, their personal story attracts attention not less
what is the plot of the film, in which they are removed.

“The proposal of marriage to Pasha did to me a month later
joint life. It all happened on the balcony of a rented apartment, and on the ground
floor. Romance! The balcony I was decorated in honor of his return from Paris
Pasha was shot there. The moment was very touching: Priluchny gave a speech from
which I have goosebumps still, and was handed a wedding ring with words
“Become my wife…” I thought for two seconds and agreed. He planned
to make an offer in a different setting, but everything turned out spontaneously. Since then
we have a lot of decisions are made as Pasha and I are both impetuous, impulsive,
noisy, but the important thing is that “rage” in one direction. Six years together
flew like a flash,” recalls Agata.

Of course, over the years there were many situations where the spouses
out of himself. One of these stories Agatha said in an exclusive
interview: “He had long wanted such a dog and
we went together to choose it to the breeder. Took a nice Kutenkov… And not
thought he will grow into a healthy fool. When still living in Moscow
apartment, Pasha was away on business trips, and I’m pregnant with a little Timosha,
was forced to walk his dog. Was mad scary! Once said: “you
with her walk, or take the valley with him to the expedition!” At first it did
it was impossible to control. She listened to just plow me over time, and
when she was still a mother, brazen dog could shit on the sofa or
to get away somewhere. And only with time the situation began to improve”.

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