Агата Муцениеце шокировала новым цветом волос
The actress dyed her hair from white to bright red.

Photo: Instagram

Agata muceniece continues to experiment with looks. In the beginning of the year, the actress still wore long white hair, then cut half, later made a square and now altogether ceased to be a blonde. Agate dyed her hair bright red, than plunged into a real shock their fans. But at the same time caused the appearance of additional batch of rumors about his mental state and relationship with her husband Paul Priluchny.

A photo in the updated image: Agata published in his personal blog. “Morning!” — signed picture actress.

Subscribers stars for the first hour, left almost a thousand comments, which essentially boiled down to a single question: “Why?!” However, opinions diverged on how the image of those that were with Agatha, she is the most. Many still remember her times series “Closed school” where she’s a brunette with long straight hair. Others claim that blonde muceniece especially good. And only a few have supported the actress in her experiments.

Not without critical reflection of the new image of the star. “Agatha is so often changes hairstyles, it says that it wants change in his personal life!” — wrote some. Indeed, there is a saying that when a woman wants to change her life, she begins with the hair. But then the fans must be calm: the crisis in the family Priluchny-muceniece passed. The problem has not yet succeeded, but the couple actively working on it. The conflict of the stars was due to the fact that Agatha and Paul are very different people, but to live without each other can not. This is what they understood during an argument.

“We have, of course, it got better, but it was hard times, says the star. Sometimes our temperaments are faced and raging. To be honest, I’m heavily experienced all of these events. This was important because during this period we realized that we can survive anything, except to not be together. And so we have to do something with our characters and to seek common ground. We can do it”.