Агата Муцениеце установила виниры The actress decided to appearance transformation. Agata muceniece happy, fulfilled her longtime dream. However, fans do not understand why the actress previously was unhappy with teeth. Very soon she will be able to boast excellent results.

Famous actress Agatha muceniece decided to improve their appearance. She went to the dentist to achieve an amazing white smile. She was not alarmed by the fact that natural teeth have undergone a difficult treatment, however, for the sake of beauty, she decided to live with it.

The artist had to install veneers in several stages. Thanks to advances in modern medicine very soon she will be able to demonstrate a brilliant result.

“Stage three. I happily and joyfully smile temporary veneers. Will finish soon at all. Honestly, I dreamed of a perfect smile for a very long time, because of the smile brighten a gloomy day,” – wrote in the microblog muceniece.

Fans were happy that Agatha is so sensitive about his appearance and tries in every way to achieve excellence. However, not everyone shared the enthusiasm of the actress about her treatment to the dentist. They noted that she always had a beautiful smile. Some followers suggested that after this procedure, teeth will be unnaturally white. They even expressed the opinion that after this agate can lose their individuality.

“Why do you want veneers, you have had normal teeth”, “Agata, and so you have a great smile and good teeth! What are you obsessed with these veneers, all mouth ceramic bowl instead of the teeth”, “Agatha, you have your wonderful teeth and a beautiful smile,” wrote a follower.

A week later, after the actress put temporary veneers, it will go back to the doctor in order to establish a permanent plate. “In just seven days and in their place will be permanent! Absolutely comfortable feel, natural is visually” – said the expert, which turned actress.

Not so long ago, fans suspected that the family of Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchnogo things are not so simple – in March, the actor hinted at disorder. Then numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva advised the young woman to tune into positive thoughts.

“The age of 28-29 years – difficult for the actress, she is in a period of recession. If the star do not take yourself in hand, it can annoy his cheerful and beloved wife. But as soon as it ceases to be sad, everything will return to normal and peace restored. Perhaps in 30 years muceniece even time will become a mother,” said the expert.