Агата Муцениеце воссоединилась с Павлом Прилучным
The couple overcame a family quarrel.

Агата Муцениеце воссоединилась с Павлом Прилучным

Paul Priluchny son

Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny reunited in Baku. The actress came to her husband with two small children — Timothy and MIA. Paul was a pleasure to meet a family as ever. Indeed, on the eve of departure, he had a big fight with his wife.

Disagreement between the spouses occurred, as it often happens, due to domestic problems. The actor, according to Agatha, not warned in time about the time of departure, with the result that she did not have time to gather things for themselves and their children. “I was seething with anger and indignation that my creative favorite this here! Well, so have it all! And I was right were all wicked…” — said muceniece. In the end, Paul flew to Baku alone. However, he was there alone. The next day, the wife and kids all came to Prilichnom.

Agata Muceniece

The trip of the actor with his family wearing a business nature, however, this does not mean that Agatha will miss sitting with my son and young daughter at the hotel. In his spare time, Paul walks through the city with your loved ones, and the wife of the artist, in turn, enjoy relaxing by the pool.

Recall that the acting couple recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of the date of the wedding. In fact, the couple rarely quarrel. In their house there is harmony, but sometimes agate is not easy, she said, to live with a “creative person”.

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