Агата Муцениеце стремительно худеет The star told about the plans to its subscribers. Muceniece is now the host of the show “the Voice. Children.” Like many other celebrities, Agatha carefully monitors its appearance. Now she decided to get rid of extra pounds.

Star of the TV series “Closed school” Agata muceniece became co-host Dmitry Nagiyev in the new season of the show “the Voice. Children.” The actress carefully prepared for filming. Despite the fact that working in television takes time, Agatha is a few hours to take care of children and themselves. Muceniece really wants to get rid of extra pounds. After the birth of her daughter, the star started to do sports to return in a familiar form. Agatha chose classes Shestov Striptease, as it helps to work out all the muscles of the body. Sometimes the star has to overcome laziness, to force myself to go to the gym.

Now the artist plans to lose weight three pounds. She managed already to get rid of two with the help of dietary restrictions and power loads.

“Even on the street snow and slush, I believe that the summer is nigh! Began as “the Voice. Children”, it was 59! My goal is 54! Today I will go to the gym! Hey brave, share how much someone weighs? And how he wants to weigh to fly? By the way, collectively, not to eat easier! And training to walk too. So, if you are, lying on the couch, go collect the form in the bag have to go to the gym!” Agata mentioned.

Members supported her idea. However, according to most, the woman looks great. Muceniece recognizes that a happy family life. Despite some problems in the relationship, Agatha and Paul have always settled our differences.

“We are not just going to get a divorce, beat the dishes, shouting at each other, almost went to apply… Sometimes quarreled, they sleep in different rooms, and was, I or she grabbed things and left the house in the midst of a scandal. Normal practice in human relationship, which lasted more than three years. We are also young, hot-tempered, jealous, lovers, everyone has their own opinion. It is important to understand the implications,” said Priluchny.

Agatha lived with the future chosen one month before getting married. After marriage she took her husband’s surname, but the stamp in the passport did not put as her Latvian document. “We had a pretty small ceremony, quiet, a secret from everyone, knew about it only friends,” said Agatha.