Agata muceniece made an important statement about the break with Paul Priluchny

Агата Муцениеце сделала важное заявление о разрыве с Павлом Прилучным
The actress replied to the accusations in “cheap PR”.

Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny

Photo: Social networks

Rumors that family conflict Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchnogo will likely not turn into a divorce, got a confirmation. Yesterday in the Network there were reports that the couple have reconciled. Wife re-subscribed to each other in the social network, which fans took as a sign of truce. Perhaps in the relationship acting couple have not yet returned the idyll, however, today Agata has made the statement that she really had made some progress in resolving the conflict with her husband.

“We realized one thing: we can do everything, but can’t live without each other. Therefore, despite all our internal differences, we will look for ways! We with Paul, however, very different people, but we most likely crabs who have found each other forever! And yet, all who love each other, you know, the most important is to talk,” said Agatha.

By the way, many blame a few in the “cheap public relations” saying that all the hype was raised for heating of public interest in vlogo (videoblog) Agatha. Muceniece explained why this assumption is not true.

“If one of you decided that we put marriage and relationships on pause for the sake of PR, feel free to “unsubscribe” from us! We do nothing, especially if we are talking about our relationship, not doing for the sake of cheap PR!” — says Agata. By the way, in July the couple will celebrate copper wedding, so the couple is experiencing at the moment, the crisis of the seven years of marriage.