Agata muceniece learned the true remedy for breast enlargement

Агата Муцениеце узнала верное средство для увеличения груди
The actress didn’t even have to resort to the operating intervention.

Agata Muceniece


Agata Muceniece,
twice mother, believes that during pregnancy and after childbirth became
just beautiful. Though, while had
first child, son Timothy, gained 20 pounds, and
I waited for daughter MIA — 17. Every time the actress pretty quickly regaining perfect figure.

body — clay — says Agata. — If you have enough willpower not to eat all
disgusting, get a great body. I try to do without junk food,
carbonated beverages, baking. No wonder three months after the birth of MIA
lost 14
pounds!” Perfect weight the actress want to leave even with 3-4 pounds. “Once I watched a video where
people set a goal to lose 200
pounds — and did it. Do I some three or four to lose?” she says.

over a agate is not lazy. Between the first and second births mastered dancing on
pole — and was delighted. “I worked their until the sixth month
pregnancy. Then simply stretched, slightly shaking press to not SAG
the stomach. When the doctor after delivery letting me sport, I immediately returned to pole dance.
Of course, press the large loads I do not recommend. Now, seven months after childbirth, I have been dealing in
full strength training consistently twice a week.”

After the birth of MIA’s actress had to undergo injections
hyaluronic acid. She went to rest at sea, and returning, he found that the skin dry. “I
looked like an old woman!” — recalls with horror Agatha. The effect of
injections inspired her: the skin is revived and freshened. Surprisingly, neither during pregnancy nor after birth, muceniece avoid most common in women problems. “I was twice
pregnant and every time he looked sort of “the scarlet flower” — with a smile
recalls Agata. No pimples and split ends… But during
pregnancy significantly increased the breast, and this is inspired! I admire
themselves could not!”

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