Agata muceniece fuels the rumors of a break with her husband

Агата Муцениеце подогревает слухи о разрыве с супругом Apparently, the actress is going through a difficult period in my life. Agata muceniece for the second day in a row intrigues followers on Instagram ambiguous posts. Fans are sure that this way she makes clear that her family life with Paul Priluchny not going smoothly.

      The star of the sitcom “Civil marriage” Agata muceniece has published in the microblog personal thoughts, which, apparently, is devoted to the frustration in the man. “So the idea is, one moment is everything! It turns out, is very much mistaken… Even many years!” – wrote the artist. The record made a lot of noise – the followers sounded the alarm: do not apply if experience blonde to her husband – the actor of the series “Major” Paul Prilichnom.

      Fans Priluchnogo muceniece and is concerned about their possible breakup

      None of them had no immediate comment on the situation. But Agatha continues to excite the public: the social network she posted again. “You can do with the body, though what to do – it doesn’t matter, if the soul is burned.” – quoted lines from the song Elvira T artist.

      However, this time instead of the supportive words and hundreds of questions in the comments muceniece, a dispute arose among fans. Subscribers find out, especially if the young mother is intriguing the audience or she really having trouble. And also suggest what can be related to the suffering of celebrities.

      “I think she already mocks us. For the second consecutive day breaks “Instagram”. And she sits and ugaral over comments”, “Yes, the lit market. What happened, what happened? What do you care? I will want say, do not want to say anything Live your life, in someone else to a crawl?”, “In the vlog they are pashas normal. Maybe something happened serious, but not Pasha and Agatha. They are all good!” “Said “And” says “B”! Otherwise, why the Network spread?”, “It’s just words from a song! That all started? She’s not stupid about his family problems all over the Internet to ring… Just not in the mood man!” – sparked discussion in the microblog stars.

      By the way, yesterday “StarHit” ‘ve reached muceniece and tried to find out what are her statements. The actress politely deviated from the answer, saying that will leave problems to themselves. “Everything is fine. It’s just my thoughts out loud. I’m not ready to comment on this topic is very personal. Did not yet speak. Thank you,” said muceniece.

      In the microblogging Paul Priluchnogo the day before also there was a questionable post man posted a picture of the speedometer, the arrow reached the mark of 200 kilometers per hour. Some followers decided that in this way he relieves stress after a quarrel with his beloved.