Агата Муцениеце пожаловалась на Павла Прилучного
The actress suffered due to the distraction of her husband.

Agata Muceniece

Photo: Instagram

Agata muceniece shared the difficult situation that
formed due to the distraction of her husband Paul Priluchnogo. The actor got the dates wrong a business trip, bringing Agatha with her son and daughter stayed home.

“You know, creative people are basically unorganized, and Pasha
— very creative person — says Agata. In General, the situation. I sit
quietly at home, cook dinner, and suddenly calls a creative person and says:
“Agatha, as you wrapped up in Baku?” To which I reply that of course not
collected, because we fly tomorrow. And it turns out that we’re flying today,
and my favorite creative offers me for twenty minutes while he drove home
to collect things for myself, two children and a nanny to know that we’re not going tomorrow, but
now! At first I frantically started dumping stuff Timothy in a suitcase, but
understand that this is unrealistic! In General, me and the kids today just will not fly. And I
right seething with anger and indignation that my creative favorite this here! Forever
so it all! I was incredibly angry! And suddenly, I look at my husband, and he is
in the hallway with an open suitcase, shifting things in another bag, just
because she wanted at all, it is not suitable to the shoes (wasting
precious time ) and says: “Romance”, And again my heart
melted.. And no disturbances, I did not speak out. And just kissed and
said, “Call if in no time”.

Paul, by the way, still managed to
the plane. “Almost gray!” he said the events of last night.

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