Agata muceniece celebrated the best day

Агата Муцениеце отпраздновала самый лучший день Exactly five years ago, the actress has connected the life with Paul Priluchny. Agata muceniece admits that her husband has completely changed it. Artist dreams that her happiness with her husband forever.

      The actors of the series “Closed school” Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny five years ago decided to seal their feelings and got married in a Moscow registry office. Two years later the couple had a son Timothy, and recently, the actress gave her husband a daughter, MIA. Muceniece priluchny and do not get tired to prove your love to each other and demonstrate affection. The star couple celebrated their wooden wedding.

      “Today is not just a day for me today is the best day. Five years as I live because it is thanks to this man, I really started to live, not just something to do on this day I discovered happiness with you! With you, I realized how nice it is to be a family and do something for the happiness of another person! Let our happiness last forever, tomorrow sabagay you!” – wrote in his microblog muceniece.

      Photos published Agata M (@agataagata) Jul 19 2016 at 1:55 PDT

      Fans have another opportunity to enjoy the idyll of the actors, hastened to congratulate favorite artists from the first round date their young family.

      Congratulations to you! Wish you happiness and love for years to come! You are a wonderful couple and a family!” “Congratulations! Happiness and health to your family! You are a very good family, many families should follow your example!”, “I congratulate you! I wish that your family, spiritual and financial wealth only multiply! The kids were growing up happy and healthy. And next was the favorite, loving and dedicated people! You are super,” he hastened to congratulate the family of loyal fans.

      Despite the fact that Agatha and Paul are glowing with happiness when they are near each other, they do not hide that their relationship sometimes there were real scandals because of jealousy Priluchnogo. “Came home – got in a fight. Beat the dishes. Pasha shouted that tomorrow will divorce you. I am silent for a long time. But when it becomes – I will answer so that you will not find it. Word for word – and away we go. Flying cups and plates. At that time we literally trashed a rented apartment in Riga, even the door knocked. The next morning was covering his tracks, repaired. Pasha asked forgiveness: what can you do so testy,” said Agatha, in an interview.

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