Agata muceniece brought the fan to the divorce

Агата Муцениеце довела поклонницу до развода For an actress collapsed family. Wife of Paul Priluchnogo actually brought the fan to the divorce. Despite the fact that one cell of the society became less, Agata muceniece has absolutely no regrets about the incident.
Агата Муцениеце довела поклонницу до развода

Agata muceniece, actress, TV presenter, mother of two and wife of the popular actor Paul Priluchnogo, she manages everything and even more. They in films, hosts a show on the First channel only recently ended another “Voice. Children” with a son and daughter, actively shoots videos for his youtube channel, which shows and tells about what’s going on with her and her family and also about the exciting its problems. For example, in one video can be a day on the set, training on the pylon, the evening with the family and walk with my son on Stoleshnikov pereulok Moscow, during which Agata talks about this problem as waste disposal.

The channel 350 thousand subscribers and vlogs from muceniece, on average, score half a million hits. Fans are impressed by the openness of the women and a lot of admiration for the harmonious relationship of Agatha and Paul. Some so much so that comparing their family life with life the acting pair, to draw conclusions not to your advantage and… divorce. It happened with one fan actress, who observing the life star of the family, decided to file for divorce. This was told by Agatha in the Network. Muceniece does not regret that due to destroyed someone’s marriage.

“I recently received a very long email from a woman. She told me that when she started watching my vlogs, I realized that doesn’t love her husband that torments himself and is unhappy in the marriage. In the end, she got divorced. You know, I’m not upset! On the contrary, I am very glad for this woman,” said Agatha.
Агата Муцениеце довела поклонницу до развода

However, Agata added that she’s not a supporter of divorce, and Vice versa for a strong marriage. “I must say: I am not for divorce, I am for a happy family. I always think that if you are in circumstances that make you unhappy (whether it’s marriage, study or work), these circumstances should be changed. No your sacrifice will never bring happiness to others, remember this. Only you — happy, sincere, real, can make others happy. I’m glad my vlogs inspire others to actions and to change your life for the better!” said Agatha.

Агата Муцениеце довела поклонницу до развода

Agatha and Paul met on the set of the TV series “Closed school”, where he played lovers. Office romance has grown into a strong relationship, in 2011 the young people were married. A year and a half they had a son Timothy, and in March 2016 they were twice parents was born the daughter MIA.