Agata muceniece became the reason of divorce of a foreign family

Агата Муцениеце стала причиной развода чужой семьи
Famous actress and TV presenter Agatha muceniece is active users of Internet, she produces the video blog “Prilichnye everyday life.”

Агата Муцениеце стала причиной развода чужой семьи

In their commercials Agata talks about how to proceed its everyday life. Recently she told that one of her fans divorced their spouse, seeing the idyll in relations between the star and her husband Paul Priluchny.

Агата Муцениеце стала причиной развода чужой семьи

“I recently received a very long email from a woman the actress said. She told me that when she started watching my vlogs, I realized that doesn’t love her husband that torments himself and is unhappy in the marriage. In the end, she got divorced. You know, I’m not upset! On the contrary, I am very happy for this woman. I must say: I am not for divorce, I am for a happy family. I always think that if you are in circumstances that make you unhappy (whether it’s marriage, study or work), these circumstances should be changed. No your sacrifice will never bring happiness to others, remember this. Only you — happy, sincere, real, can make others happy. I’m glad my vlogs inspire others to actions and to change your life for the better!”

Recall that muceniece happily married with his colleague Paul Priluchny, the couple have two children grow up, five year old son Timothy and two year old daughter MIA.

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