Agata muceniece admitted why gained 5 pounds

Агата Муцениеце призналась, почему поправилась на 5 килограммов
The actress is not upset due to the extra weight.

Агата Муцениеце призналась, почему поправилась на 5 килограммов

Agata Muceniece

Photo: the frame of the program “the Voice.Children”

Photo: Instagram

After the premiere edition of the show “Voice.Children” on the First channel fans of Agatha muceniece noticed that the actress strongly recovered. She after the broadcast was horrified and wrote in his personal blog: “Need to lose weight!»

It turns out that the “problems” with being overweight began at muceniece is not accidental. She told it in a new vlog on its own Youtube channel.

“I’ve put on 5 kilos for the role — admitted Agatha. — I don’t have! Here it happens in the movies… But I’m not upset. I ate everything I wanted and was happy! Now — on a diet”.

By the way, muceniece has a truly iron will. When you have two kids, husband and all around are constantly eating yummy stuff and “prohibited”, it is very difficult to control myself. But agate — flint. Said on a diet, so mouth — the castle.

“Our body is a clay, said AATA in an interview with “7 Days”. — If you have enough willpower not to eat any crap, you will get a great body.”