Against Steven Seagal has put forward a new accusation

Против Стивена Сигала выдвинули очередные обвинения
The actor may be prosecuted.

Steven Seagal


Yesterday it became known that else
one woman filed against the 65-year-old Steven Seagal accusations of improper behaviour.
This time we are talking about actress Regina Simons, who said that she had been
from the Segal violent actions of a sexual nature. Simons has done his recognition within the company against harassment, which began with a scandal, Harvey Weinstein.

As stated by Regina,
it described events took place in 1993, in the house Segal in Beverly hills.
According to the story Simons, Steven then invited her to his party,
on completion of the filming of “In mortal danger”, where Regina
starred in separate episodes. She gladly accepted the invitation, but
when she came to the house Segal, besides him, no one was there. Steven said,
that all the guests have already departed, and he wants her to see something. Then he
he led her into the next room turned bedroom.

Further, according to Regina,
Seagal, despite her protests, tore her clothes and raped her. Herewith,
recalls the actress, next to the bed was a bedside table on which stood
a framed photo of some woman. It was learned later, the Simons, Kelly
Le Brock, the former at the time his wife…

In response to the question, what
the result of his accusations she’s expecting, the actress said, “I’m waiting for guilty pleas
on his part. Such stories can only happen while everyone is silent. If
potential sexual aggressors will know that their actions will all,
they may not hurt anyone…»

Police have confirmed that
Simons received a complaint against Seagal. The guards said they are against
Stephen another investigation concerning a similar incident in 2005, involving
Segal and women, who did not want to publicly reveal their identity. All in all, Steven has complained for more than 12 women, including
Actresses Julianna Margulies and Jenny McCarthy. If the allegations of at least some of
they are proved, the actor threaten more than just serious trouble.

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