AGAIN SCANDAL: Maxim Fadeev spoke out against the First channel

ОПЯТЬ СКАНДАЛ: Максим Фадеев выступил против Первого канала
The producer urged fans not to vote for their artists.

Julia Savicheva and Maxim Fadeev


Today is the First channel launched a unique
experiment, inviting everyone to participate in creating new year’s
the music playlist. The creators of new year’s eve on the First understand that all the regulars have already tired viewers, and they are ready to change. The popular vote is conducted on the social networking site Odnoklassniki. In the “Top 60” was composed of singers and groups whose tracks often
listen to the users OK. Among them are the permanent participants of the new year
airs (Polina Gagarina Irina Dubcova and Ani Lorak) and newcomers alike
(“Mushrooms”, “Time and Glass”, Jan Khalib and ILO, IOWA, etc.)

This event is extremely angered by well-known producer Maxim Fadeev, who expressed his attitude very directly and bluntly in his personal blog.

“I shuddered when I saw the news today about the fact that the First channel has launched voting for the possible participants of the “Christmas light”, — he wrote. — In the early years, this wave began with my post on Instagram and called your strong support. So in turn, I want to cut rave fit and to explain how they “listened”. Immediately the questions arise: 1) Who made a list of these artists so different from each other? As, for example, Yulianna Karaulova and “Caspian Cargo”? Or Miyagi&the Endgame and Yura Shatunov. Do Aksyuta and, of course, zabronzovevshy Ernst do not understand that no Miyagi, no Mushrooms will never come broadcast “Christmas light”, to wrap the rain or put on them Cheburashka costume or Panda. Or made to dance in the duet with Yuri Shatunova by singing “Happy New Year” or “Closing the circle” in the company’s mitiaeva. Is this list an objective picture of popular music over the past year? Or we just decided to cheat by adding in the traditional “ogonkify” pool a bit underground? 2) How many artists on this list really fall into the ether? Just want to say about my two artists represented in this list — SEREBRO and Nargis. How (if they got in this vote) ‘ll be playing my music on the First channel, if a personal decision of Mr. Ernst it was banned? Once it is clear that this is an attempt to attract attention. Because, sure, you might have noticed the complete absence of artists MALFA in the First channel. I’ll take their artists to the category of people who also deserve respect. and we, of course, even in the case of getting the top vote, will not participate in the filming. Because we were again dressed up in clowns and forced to sing a duet with the leading “test purchases”. Now, watching the first results of the vote, I can see that Nargis is in the top three. We respect and appreciate your attention and love to the artist. But I want to ask each of you to support us and not to vote to put your favorite artist clown. I worked too long with the First channel to believe their loud statements about the “new policy changes”. While the channel is run by the same people, no change will never happen. Management is always manual, and a decision will be made by only one person.”

Meanwhile, Yuri Aksyuta, the Executive producer of all musical and entertainment programs on the First channel, is more optimistic.

“Voting for parties on new year’s eve
The first tool of direct influence of the audience on the shaping of television
content, he says. — It was the audience for five years now live choose the winners
“The voice”. It turns out well. Let’s see how it turns out with the New year. The success
experiment in the interest of all!”