Again scandal! Larisa Guzeeva roughly sent a groupie

Снова скандал! Лариса Гузеева грубо послала поклонницу
Presenter “for the word in pocket climbs”.

Photo: Instagram

Another scandal broke out in the personal blog leading show channel one “let’s get married”. Larisa Guzeeva very rudely replied his podyschite that allowed himself unflattering comment to the star.

On the first may holidays Guzeeva with her daughter Lelka (as Larisa tenderly calls his daughter) went to Paris. Mother and daughter were walking along the boulevards, sitting in a lovely outdoor cafe, did some shopping. TV presenter decided to share my good mood with the fans. She has published in a personal blog photo on the background of the arc de Triomphe.

“May 1. Paris. Evening. Hi all and a lot of happiness!” — she signed the.

One of the fans Guzeeva did not appreciate the position of the stars and commented: “a Terrible kind of picture. What is she doing?” In this attack the presenter responded simply: “She hands sends you deep in the f*PU!”

It should be noted that most of the fans of the actress this answer liked. This review has collected more than a thousand “likes”! And those who divorced under the photo of dispute whether it was appropriate, all such communication in the Network (society, as usual, was divided into two opposing camps), Guzeeva said, “Delights not welcome, but rudeness will not be tolerated!”

Last time, when haters criticized the photo of the presenter in a swimsuit, she promised them… touch wood! “So… Cheap enemies, I know how old I am, how much I weigh and where you work. If again some kind of trash dares to defecate on my page — curse. And eyes, like my neighbor, I “chilly”. And to all my lovely friends, as always joy!” she wrote in a personal blog.