Again lost: Irina Dubtsova showed perfect abs

Опять похудела: Ирина Дубцова показала идеальный пресс
The singer spent the holidays in Thailand.

Photo: Instagram

Constant weight fluctuations Irina Dubtsova — a favorite topic of discussion for followers of her blog. Each singer posted a bikini or an open dress fans respond instantly. And the whole army, subscribed to a blog star, all time is divided into two camps: some write that Irina lost weight and looks great, the other that she’s fat and she needs to lose weight.

Dubtsova so tired of it that she periodically expressed in social networks: “I’m writing a song, not a working model! Go… to work! And I’ll go sing!”

Anyway, now Dubtsova can really boast of a slender figure. If, during the past vacation the girl hid “nety” tummy under fashion swimsuit with high-waisted bottoms, now quiet wears a bikini and shows around your perfect abs. And the length and slimness of her legs at all can only envy!

The secret is simple: Irina though and loves to eat, and in pleasure is to deny yourself not used to it, she regularly goes in for sports. Even on vacation allocates time for training, which by the way, showed all the doubters and published in a personal blog video training. The singer has a really strong muscles, there are the biceps and triceps and six pack abs, nothing “shakes” and not “loose”.

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