Again Beyonce sparkles in a stunning dress next to her husband Jay-Z

Бейонсе снова сверкает в ошеломительном платье рядом со своим супругом Джей-Зи

Бейонсе снова сверкает в ошеломительном платье рядом со своим супругом Джей-Зи

Time very rare public outing with her husband Jay-Z, Beyonce dazzled the audience with his outfit. Where did that put this charming beauty?!

The king and Queen have arrived! Beyoncé, 38, and her husband Jay-Z, 49 years old, looked extremely happy and was all smiles when they were seen in a casino Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida, November 15. The singer who performed the hit “Irresistible” looked absolutely stunning in her lovely tight curves in a shiny gold dress, which she complemented the breathtaking sandals heels. Despite the fact that the dress was quite long, it has not become any less sexy. A special highlight he gave unrealistically open neckline that did not hide the spectacular stars. In order to somehow divert attention from their elegant forms, the singer chose to wear an incredible pair of earrings and picked up a rather snazzy clutch bag black, which, as the dress was reall under the spotlight. The hair was laid in her typical style, her long ringlets hung down on her shoulders easy beach wave. Her precious husband Jay-Z also dressed up for the occasion. However, the sequins on it were not. Flies star wore a classic black suit and white shirt without a tie. This cute couple appeared at this event not alone because of their big walk they were joined by a couple of their loved ones and relatives.

Бейонсе снова сверкает в ошеломительном платье рядом со своим супругом Джей-Зи

The mother of Beyonce, Tina Knowles, 65, and her husband, Richard Lawson, 72, went for a Duo of superstars. Tina looked no worse than his charming little girl. Although it was a classic black suit, she looked quite frankly. As blouse, dressed it, had a fairly large incision, showing the charm of this chic women. Richard, who married the founder of House of Dereon in 2015, dressed the same as his son, the only exception was that he decided to include a tie, unlike the more casual look of his son.
It was a rare public outing for the iconic singer and rapper who is known for the fact that rarely devote the press in his personal life. Last big trip, which saw them, was attending the premiere of the film “the lion King” in London in July where they discussed his 35-year-old Prince Harry and the 38-year-old Megan Markle, before you get inside.

Over the last couple of years, they still had a lot of ideas about how to develop their relationship within the family. How they look as a couple and parents. October 18, beyoncé shared a video to Instagram in which she makes funny faces next to Jay. However, their eldest daughter, 7-year-old blue ivy Carter, in 2019, enjoyed far more attention. She starred in the excerpt of “the Spirit”, and also had a big day shopping in Los Angeles last month.

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