After weight loss Anna Netrebko’t know fans

После похудения Анну Нетребко не узнают фанаты
Anna Netrebko is a very popular Opera singer.

После похудения Анну Нетребко не узнают фанаты

Fans are used to seeing favorite star in gorgeous gowns and formal hairstyles.

Therefore, recently posted the picture caused a lot of noise.

Fans could barely see in the slender woman famous singer.

“You, Anna, very happy woman! Amazing, talented, contagious with their energy and love for life! Thank you!” “Is it Anja? Already the Kuban Cossack girl do not like. Good!”, “Anna, please share your recipe weight loss”, “Statuette!”, “Superlady. Slender and graceful”, “Model! Amazing, beautiful, stylish, bright, delight!”, “God… What legs…”, “Slender! Thinner! Young! Gorgeous Anne,” commented frame followers.

Congratulations to Anna Netrebko with such a luxurious transformation.

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