After trebusice? Broke up another family “House-2”

Вслед за тарабузиками? Распалась еще одна семья «Дома-2»

Evgeniya Guseva has officially announced the parting with her husband Anton.

Not had time to subside intense discussion of possible reasons for the separation of Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov as fans were shocked by another news. One of the most beautiful and successful couples of the reality show “Dom-2” has announced the departure. Eugene Feofilaktova and Anton Gusev met on the project. The young man is touchingly caring for the girl and finally made her an offer. In June 2012 they got married. When scattered, is unknown. However, when you consider that, according to Zhenya, “has been sufficient amount of time”, the pair could not hold on even to the fourth anniversary of marriage… it’s a Shame, of course, especially in social networks, young people up to the last posted photo sharing and thanking each other for happy moments (for example, a beautiful bouquet, which Anton had given to Eugenia on the day of birth).

“Friends, it’s time to tell you all… the fact that we no longer live together with Anton. We broke up. But we did not write and did not speak, because they wanted to survive this difficult period of calm, without gloating comments and unwanted advice. Now it’s been enough time, so we decided not to cheat. We now have everyone has their own personal life. We stayed in a wonderful relationship, dignity broke up. And this makes me very happy, because we are first and foremost parents. Anton every day visits Danielczyk, so please you, let no dirt, unnecessary lies and horrible delusional gossip. It’s just sometimes… Life goes on. I’m sure we’ll both be happy! Respect and appreciate Anton, because he is the father of my child. And so, God willing, always will be!”

It is unknown how Anton and Eugenia will share business, because today they are the owners of the network of fashionable boutiques, which bring a good profit, together commercials. However, if the pair managed to maintain good relations, perhaps money showdown will not affect them. Son Daniel, apparently, will continue to live with mom. However, fans believe that her grandson can still come together and forget old grudges.