После свадьбы Меган Маркл перестала общаться с отцом Insiders said that Meghan Markle for more than a month refusing to talk to dad. This is due to the fact that the parent of the newly minted Duchess of Sussex too actively giving interviews, which is very disappointing Royal family.
После свадьбы Меган Маркл перестала общаться с отцом

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle died down on may 19, but the calls related to the ceremony, do not cease till now. Many British citizens are confused, that the father of 36-year-old bride Thomas Markle has not appeared at the festival, citing illness.

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A little later, the man gave an interview in which he spoke about the pride of the daughter and the desire to meet up with new relatives. As it turned out, the desire of Thomas Markle to talk to the press not encouraged the newly minted Duchess of Sussex, and she decided not to communicate with his father.

“Thomas loves his daughter and vows that he never wanted to attract too much attention. He wants to be closer to the Royal family, but can not do it. Because of this whole situation with the daughter of Thomas not spoken since the wedding,” – said a source close to the family Markle.
После свадьбы Меган Маркл перестала общаться с отцом

Recall that after the information about the affair of the actress with the Prince leaked to the media between Megan and her family started a real war. Half-sister mercilessly PR on behalf of the future Duchess of Sussex, by spreading family secrets. Brother star has also added fuel to the fire by publishing several weeks before the celebration an open letter in which he urged Harry not to marry his cousin.

As a result, Markle chose to invite to their Royal wedding just parents. The father of the star refused to attend the event at the last moment that almost turned into a scandal.

The father of Meghan Markle sorry to miss her daughter’s wedding with Prince Harry

A couple of days before the ceremony, the actress made an official statement, noting that the Pope will not be able to attend the celebration due to health problems.

После свадьбы Меган Маркл перестала общаться с отцом“Unfortunately, my dad won’t be at the wedding. I always try to take care of dad, and now I understand that it is necessary to monitor their health. I want to thank all those who supported our family,” – a message appeared on the page of Kensington Palace in one of the social networks.

According to a source from the entourage of the Royal family Prince Harry resent the fact that Thomas Markle gives interviews, not informing them.

“The best solution would be to put Megan and Kensington Palace in the fame of his revelations. He caused damage to the reputation Megan before the wedding and continues to do it. Now that interview can affect the plans for Harry to meet father-in-law,” – said a source close to the Royal family.

Anyway, Megan has already sacrificed a lot for marriage with Harry. She changed her religion and left the film to focus on his duties of monarch. Fans have no doubt that for the Prince Markle with ease completely refuse to communicate with his father.

That’s just according to UsWeekly, Thomas Markle is not going to let that happen. He wants to reconcile with his daughter and will do everything possible for that.