После громкого скандала жену Джастина Тимберлейка заметили прогуливающейся по Лос-Анджелесу

Just two days before the Justin Timberlake publicly apologized for what was caught in the moment when held hands with alisha Wainwright at the party, his wife Jessica Biel was spotted with her engagement ring on a walk in Los Angeles alone.
Jessica Biel kept silent since then, as of 21 November her husband Justin Timberlake hit the headlines with compromising photos with a partner on the film “Palmer”, in which they have joint shooting — alisha Wainwright, New Orleans. However, she failed to avoid the paparazzi, and on 2 December they were again caught her, one went for a walk in Los Angeles, and Jessica looked very relaxed during the walk, during which she was photographed with a cocktail. She was dressed in torn black jeans, a grey sweater and black jacket, and sunglasses.

После громкого скандала жену Джастина Тимберлейка заметили прогуливающейся по Лос-Анджелесу
These photos 2 Dec appeared after Justin on his page in Instagram publicly apologized for his behavior during that night with Alicia. The photos and videos from the evening they can be seen holding hands, and at one point she put her hand on his leg. After the incident, the representative Alicia said one of the publication that “there is nothing more, except that they shot together,” and in the message he confirmed Justin didn’t cheat on Jessica with his partner. However, he took responsibility for improper behavior.
“A few weeks ago, I showed a serious mistake — but let me be clear between me and my colleague, nothing happened,” explained Justin. “I drank too much that night and I regret my behavior. That night I was not the example I want to show my son. I apologize to my amazing wife and family because they have experienced such an awkward situation, and I will do everything in my power to be the best husband and father I can be. It wasn’t that. I am incredibly proud to be working on the film “Palmer”. Looking forward to continue the creation of this film and look forward to when people will see it.”

Justin and Jessica have a son, Silas, who is 4 years old. They began Dating in 2007 and married in October 2012. It is unclear when the “Palmer” should finish shooting, look forward to the premiere!

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