После скандала Игорь Николаев нашел себе новую «русалку»
The singer chose a replacement for Natasha Koroleva.

Igor Nikolaev and Nyusha

Photo: @Instagram igor_nikolaev_music Igor Nikolaev

After the recent scandal connected with a joint performance with Natasha Koroleva, Igor Nikolaev announced that he had found for himself a new “mermaid”. To perform his famous hit singer will now not with his ex-wife, which was written this song, and… Bruno Mars! About the composer announced on his personal page in social networks.

“In the series “Dolphin and mermaid” — a partial change in cast: new mermaid Jane!” — said Nikolaev.

Such shift has angered a few fans of Nikolaev and the Queen. “Still, the country used to see a mermaid Natasha. The rest — not that…”, “nobody has managed to outshine the original! Natasha — real mermaid, alluring, beautiful, sexy!” — commented on the news of the followers of Igor. However, probably the fans not to worry about that. Most likely, Jane will not replace the Queen on a regular basis, but only on one of the performances at the Christmas concert, which the audience will be able to see in the night from 31 December to 1 January.

Recall that about two weeks ago, Igor has performed at the recital, Natasha Koroleva, where he performed in particular legendary song “Dolphin and mermaid”. However, fans greeted the reunion on stage of the former spouses not as warm as expected. Fans thought Igor, allegedly, behaved disrespectfully towards the Queen. As a result, Nikolaev collapsed wave of criticism, which he was forced pretty tough to put in place detractors.