After the robbery, Kim Kardashian fears for their children

После ограбления Ким Кардашьян боится за своих детей
The reality star got rid of failed to protect her security.

Kim Kardashian

Photo: Splash News/East news

Kim Kardashian had to make excuses about suddenly adopted
her solution — she fired her bodyguard Pascal Duvie serving her faith
and truth is more than three years. This was reported by the website Hollywood Life.

The fact that the removal of Dovie from work could be
perceived as not only as a sign of distrust of the bodyguard, but also a hint of
his involvement in the crime. After the sensational robbery Kim
Paris, French police made it clear: criminals obviously helped
someone from the team Kim! And since Pascal, the personal bodyguard of stars
the reality show “purely by chance” was not with her at the time of the robbery, the suspect
automatically fell on him.

However, Kim said at the time: she in no way blames Duvie. After all
that evening, when the room of her hotel raided by bandits, disguised
the police, he protected her sisters Kourtney and Kendall went to have some fun
in a night club. In other words, he is
time doing his duty, only in a different place. In addition, as
witnessed the receptionist of the hotel, which criminals were tied up and dragged
at gunpoint to the room Kardashian, call it Pascal made
intruders in a hurry to get out. “When the phone rang Kim, I
see who is trying to contact her. And he said to them: “She didn’t answer the call
his guard, so now he’ll get the police!” And they rushed
to leave the scene, taking with him treasures for millions
of dollars…” said the clerk.

But now that Kardashian has dismissed Duvie, many
the impression that, thus, she indirectly admitted his guilt. So
Kim had to make a statement she appreciates the work that Pascal
performed for her and her husband since 2012. Besides, she and her
husband Kanye West was attached to Davie. So the decision to dismiss Pascal no
it’s nothing personal. His dismissal has become an essential element of a complete change of the whole
team of bodyguards spouses. Becoming a victim of a crime, Kim wants now
to revise and strengthen the system of protection – and not only his, but of the whole
families, especially children — daughter Nord and the son Sant.