После Олимпиады Алина Загитова слегла с болезнью
The Olympic champion is struggling with a high fever.

Alina Sagitova

Photo: PhotoXpress.ru

The Olympics not been in vain for the young organism Alina Sagitova. Olympic champion in figure skating was sick immediately after the competition.

That skater is sick, told reporters that her father, a hockey coach Ilnaz Zagitov. Because of this, the girl are unable to attend the celebration of Champions in the First channel on the show “Let them talk”.

“She came to Russia in the mask — said the Pope athletes. — It’s just a virus, it lies with temperature of 38.5. Try to knock down. It happens when there is a season, the entire body assembled. But the Olympics ended and he was blown away”.

“What do you want? — added Tatiana Tarasova. — Alina — another child! Is totally normal!”

The best medicine for a figure skater, no doubt, will be a performance of another of her dreams. After receiving the medal Alina admitted that very much wants to have a… dog!

“Before the Olympics I was at the training camp in Japan and saw a magazine that had pictures of dogs breed Akita inu. Dog breed, filmed the famous movie “Hachiko”. To me these dogs are just like it. I really wanted to I had such a devoted friend, — told the athlete, the press service of Federation of Figure skating. Told my mom I wanted a dog. Mother said: “Speaking well at the Olympics, we’ll see.” I don’t know what dad will decide. But I really want a dog. I generally like to do with animals. With me in Moscow (Alina lives with her grandmother, parents in Izhevsk with my little sister) live a cat, two chinchilla. I talk to them, tell them everything, even what can’t share with their parents. I know that my animals will never betray me. I understand that they understand me. I used to have dogs – Yorkshire Terriers. They are good, but small. And the Akita inu… it is possible and to walk, not afraid of anything, she would protect me”.

The whole country wishes to Alina for a speedy recovery, because despite Olympic gold, again ahead of the endless training and the Championships.