After the merger with rice.Ru the number of offers on the website Перевозка24 grew by almost 20%

После слияния с Райс.Ру количество предложений на сайте Перевозка24 выросло почти на 20%

In “Carriage 24” platform, which unites the owners and renters of machinery, told about the results of the merger with the advertising platform working in the same field. The merger held in the spring of 2017, has positively affected the dynamics of development of services “Carriage 24”.

После слияния с Райс.Ру количество предложений на сайте Перевозка24 выросло почти на 20%

Lead analyst dispatch service “Transportation 24” (website: Kirill Makarov has presented the results of cooperation with the site “At the moment we are considering several similar themed projects and want to continue the tradition of merging, but not absorption, — said Makarov. — As practice has shown, relying on long-term, more profitable to buy the website completely and have additional marketing tools than to pay monthly for this banner ads”.

In the spring of this year the company “Carriage 24” bought all ad space in the shopping site of special “rice.Ru” (a site:, becoming its rightful owner. Effect of the merger areas, working in the direction of hire trucks and machinery, affected immediately. The monthly growth rate of the proposals from the owners of the machinery on the website “Carriage 24” was $ 8-10 thousand. Thus, if before the purchase at the service there were 160 thousand proposals by the end of September this number increased to 189 thousand: an increase of nearly 20%.

There is a response and demand side: it increased by 62.5%. The number of applications of the tenants for the service “Transport of 24” has increased from 4 to 6,5 thousand a month. And the use of marketing tools platform helped to increase site traffic now it is visited by 20 thousand unique users a day.

As for the statistics of demand and supply, machinery, rent, does not correspond to the needs of tenants. If among latest most popular trucks and Canary (prefer 12.1% of clients) and heavy trucks with lifting capacity up to 20 tons (9.1% of clients), I suggest most light commercial vehicles with a load capacity of 2 tonnes (12.6% of all sentences), manipulators (6,7%) and cranes (5.9 percent).

To study the dynamics of supply and demand in the market of construction machinery and trucks on the site of service, “Transportation 24”

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