После четвертых родов Порошина помолодела на 10 лет

At the age of 42, the actress looks as if time has no power over it.

Maria Poroshina started a page on the social network recently, but her photographs have managed to make a lot of noise. Just imagine, a mother of four children, with porcelain skin, sparkling eyes and perfect hair. It’s just fantastic!

Fans don’t get tired of writing compliments of Mary, under each of the hundreds of comments like: “What harmony in you inner and outer beauty…”

Here and rightly so, one can only wonder, because in February of this year, the actress gave birth to a fourth daughter, glaphyra, her face no trace of sleepless nights and maternal anxieties. On the contrary, if Poroshina drank the elixir of youth and began to look even better than before.

However, as recognized herself an actress, in the future, she admits the idea of plastic.

“For cinema, it is important that the appearance was pleasant and attractive. When you get to a certain age, then you need to see whether it is necessary to be young. There is a wonderful artist who did not specifically make and look interesting. They are beautiful spiritual glow from the inside and carry the old as a gift. They know how to use it, you know what to do at this age. It is a personal choice how to feel and position. Can’t say I won’t take advantage of five years of surgical delights. Maybe by the time come up with something optimal: take the pill – and you are shining blue eyes,” Mary wrote in his microblog in Instagram.

Make a similar entry, for example, Olga Buzova, people would immediately peck the star, even the thought of a visit to a plastic surgeon. And Mary are all supported.

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Most women agreed that Poroshina talk sensibly, and most importantly – open. She certainly will not deceive the fans and to say that nothing is done, if you are going for beauty shots.

But while the followers of the actress do not see even the slightest reason to Mache to go to the surgeon. With such perfect skin, high cheekbones and oval face she long will not have to think about rejuvenation.

Maybe Poroshina law, and by the time she was going to get to the doctor really invent a magic pill.

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