После развода Федор Бондарчук живет на два дома The Director tries to spend more time with his son. According to neighbors celebrity, he is quite often in a country house inhabited by the family of his heir. Sergei Bondarchuk is not easy going through a divorce.

      После развода Федор Бондарчук живет на два дома

      Despite the divorce from Svetlana Bondarchuk after 25 years of marriage and preparing for the wedding with actress Paulina Andreeva, the Director does not forget about family. Bondarchuk regularly visits son Sergei, his wife Tattoo and Babysitting granddaughters.

      “The gap between Svetlana and Fedor have shared friends of the couple. But even after breaking up with his wife he tries a lot of time to spend with his family. Sergei is going through”.

      Neighbors the famous family in a closed village Nov regularly see Fedor here.

      “It often appears, – has shared with “StarHit” neighbor Olga. – But Svetlana over the past five years came very rarely – only on holidays, photos from which were posted on the social network. The Bondarchuk here the whole nest. Next to their house, like a huge birdhouse, and the cottage of the late Bondarchuk Sr. Now it is home to Konstantin Kryukov with his wife. Recently Sergey Fedorovich finished building a house for his son Sergei and his family in their same location. Can’t say that the house of Bondarchuk is very prominent, there is much steeper. The fence they have beautiful, unusual, likely the work of Svetlana. Fedor is impossible not to know – a shiny bald head, white smile. An imposing man. He then walks near the house, a passing car – he’s like a red Lamborghini. Their son Serge rides on his “gelendvagene”. Daughter Varechka sometimes see. Very nice and polite girl. Her son carries the child.
      После развода Федор Бондарчук живет на два дома

      According to Olga, Fyodor – pleasant, friendly neighbor, always ready to help. A woman remembers with gratitude the time when he was sympathetic to the fact that she created the problem on the road in the first day was driving.

      “Once I got on the road and could not pass,” continued the neighbor Bondarchuk. It was the first day she got behind the wheel. By as time passed Fedor stopped. I asked him a little off, so she was able to pass on. There’s a whole Saga was, but he complied with the request, however, smiled and said: “well you sat behind the wheel, if not able to ride? The case I remember. But Paulina Andreeva never seen.”

      We will remind that the festival “Kinotavr” Director and actress stopped to hide their relationship. At the close of Theodore and Pauline appeared, holding hands. Permanent expert “StarHit” Mohsen Noroozi predicts a happy future for the couple. Soon the lovers plan to get married. Paulina Andreeva explained why he postponed the wedding a novel

      “Everything will happen in the fall, the celebration is secret and modest, – said the “StarHit” Mohsen Norouzi. – And next year, Paulina will become pregnant and bear a daughter. The couple will be bright and happy. They are much in love and together create more than one successful film project. But Fedor is not the last love Paulina”.

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