After the disappointment Ksenia Borodina received from her husband luxurious ring

После разочарования Ксения Бородина получила от мужа роскошное кольцо Husband teledive pleased with your favorite expensive jewelry. Now Ksenia Borodina with lover and children abroad. At dinner the young woman received a box of treasured.
После разочарования Ксения Бородина получила от мужа роскошное кольцо

Ksenia Borodina together with Kurban Omarov and heirs enjoying the journey abroad. On vacation they went with another married couple – Darya and Sergey Pynzar. Young people having fun in the pool, walk and visit local restaurants. At one of these dinners elect Ksenia gave her a ring. Celebrity shared the good news with followers of the microblog.

As it turned out, dark blue decoration of an unusual shape, the brunette has chosen in advance, but to delay the acquisition. A young mother put her ring in the store in order to think again about the purchase. In the end, when Borodin returned, the seller told her that accessory already took a serious man for your wife.

“I complain to her husband, and he said, “Well, then, not yours. Your you still come”. I’m in tears almost. Wanted this ring. Come to the table, all my friends complain, and my husband gets the ring and gives it to me. Aaaaaaa, thanks, love, for these moments! Know that happiness loves silence but I’m the same girl. So I wanted to share! Love you, thanks for such moments.”

Members shared the joy with his darling and appreciated the gift of her husband. They noted that Kurban acted like a real man, staging a second half pleasant surprise. Users of the social network also thanked the leading “House-2” because she shares touching family stories.

“What a wonderful husband! Xenia, take care of him!” “It’s great that you care about every day. Just for no reason”, “the Ring is great, very original”, “Good Eid! I love your pair and all your family” “Such happy eyes of his wife. From such small but important things is real happiness.” “Oh, it’s an expensive jewelry. Style and taste”, “So cute that I cried. Be happy!” – wrote in comments to well-wishers.

Interestingly, this is not the first piece of jewelry that Eid gave Xenia. In March, in honor of the birthday of the celebrity, the man gave her a gorgeous white gold bracelet with diamonds. The price of this accessory starts from one million rubles. The businessman gave the party’s 34th birthday sweetheart. He gathered friends and family of the birthday girl in a luxurious restaurant in Moscow, where he served only seafood: crayfish, lobsters, oysters.