После гибели «Мисс Великобритании» ее бойфренд покончил с собой In late June the 32-year-old model Sophie Gradon, was found dead at his home in England. The news was shared by her 25-year-old Aaron Armstrong. The young man said that he could not come to terms with the loss.
После гибели «Мисс Великобритании» ее бойфренд покончил с собой

Before the death of “Miss great Britain-2009” Sophie Gradon reported in social networks about the prolonged depression and the traumatic death of a close friend. According to police, the model was able to commit suicide. Despite the fact that she had a young boyfriend Aaron Armstrong. This photo of him appeared regularly on her personal page on Instagram. The model is often shared with many fans of bright shots of his personal life, not shy to show the dignity of the figure and passionate kisses with her boyfriend.

“On June 20 at about 20:27 the police entered the house under the address of Medburn, Ponteland where found dead a 32-year-old woman. Her death was accompanied by suspicious circumstances”, police said.

A few weeks after the death of Sophie’s body of Aaron was found in his parents ‘ house in Northumberland. Police also found no traces of violent death. According to one version the guy could commit suicide.

After the death of the beloved Aaron was never able to recover. He almost every day addressed to his dead lover online. Published pictures of Sophie.

“I love you with all my heart, my beautiful angel. My heart is absolutely broken. I can’t stop crying, I feel your spirit in my soul” – shared guy.

Aaron admitted that wants to re-embrace his beloved, her smile will be forever in his heart. Friends tried to support the guy in a difficult period of life, but he continued to publish a touching post about Gradon.

“I just want to hug you all day. I miss you so much. There hasn’t been a minute so I didn’t think about your smile and how we spent time together. Want to return to those days. Love you, Princess,” wrote Armstrong.

In 2009, Gradon won the title “Miss Newcastle”. Soon she was waiting for a new win – she became the most beautiful woman Miss universe great Britain. Sophie participated in the popular TV show “Love Island”. She was loved by millions of viewers, despite the fact that the final never came, she had one of the highest popularity among fans of reality TV. Sophie remembered that spun first in the show’s history an affair with a girl.

According to the Agency “BBC”.