After the concert Ariana Grande in Manchester explosion

После концерта Арианы Гранде в Манчестере прогремел взрыв

Last night around 22.30 in Manchester after a concert by American singer Ariana Grande in concert complex “Manchester arena” was a blast. At the moment we know about the death of 19 people and the hospitalization of another 59 with injuries of different severity. The singer was not injured, but law enforcement officials have suggested the attack.

Investigators believe that the explosive device was put outside the Arena, and according to some sources near the exit on one side of the building or the explosion – the handiwork of a suicide bomber.
“The blast was huge, we all got scared and rushed to the exit” — said an eyewitness. In a stampede, caused by panic, injured several people.
Until proven to the contrary, British law enforcement officers will treat the incident as a terrorist act.
Since the tragedy in 2005, when during the explosion in the London underground killing 50 people, is the biggest attack. Across the UK entered the second level of the terrorist threat, which suspended preparations for the parliamentary elections. This was announced by Prime Minister Theresa may, calling the incident “a horrific attack”.
Head of neighboring countries and other world leaders have already brought the condolences of the UK and the victims.

Ariana Grande also expressed their soboleznovaniya on his page in the social network.
“Is broken. With all my heart I’m so sorry about what happened. I have no words,” she wrote few hours ago. The explosion at the Manchester arena put in jeopardy the whole subsequent tour of the singer.