После родов Ксении Собчак понадобится помощь няни According to numerology Clara Kuzenbaeva, the star will be impatient mom. In the child’s upbringing will help Lyudmila Narusova, which will make a great grandmother. Ksenia Sobchak is very fond of her first child.

      После родов Ксении Собчак понадобится помощь няни

      A month ago, the news that Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan, stirred the whole Beau Monde. Pregnancy Ksenia Sobchak confirmed the TV presenter, who has repeatedly spoken out against the birth of heirs, prefers not to comment on the pregnancy.

      The couple, together for more than three years – celebrity married 1st February 2013. For a child from Vitorgan Sobchak will be the third actor has a daughter Pauline and son Daniel from actress Victoria Weerberg.

      Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva calculated life code of celebrities and told to “StarHit” what Xenia to expect from the first pregnancy.

      Kseniya be impatient, mother, ” says Clara. – As evidenced by her vital code – 268 167. It is therefore very desirable that the mother star Lyudmila Narusova, took an active part in the upbringing of the heir. This woman is just enough for this patience, wisdom and flexibility – Narusova is a chic grandmother. But despite the fact that Ksenia prone to mood swings, she’s sensitive and gentle nature. And will make a great mother – celebrity in code pronounced line of the family. Ksenia is very much in love with your firstborn – she’s not one of those mothers who a week after giving birth leave offspring for nurses. But the aid of governesses, she will still need this autumn will be not the best period in the life of a star, it will be lack of strength and energy. Birth of Xenia will be fine, if not matched with failed to this date from 9 to 16 October. The ideal would be that the baby was born from 18 to 31 October,” – said the expert.

      Maxim was born on the day of personal goals, the program is written sign of fame and progress. Life code actor – 2911279 says that it is a strong analyst with an excellent memory and the same hard-nosed as his wife. Maxim people framework, tough and unscrupulous, it is useless to argue. It’s amazing how, with such characters, Sobchak and Vitorgan manage to find in the relationship of a middle ground… And it is obvious that they find it – celebrities create the impression of a very strong and loving couple. Do not rule out that Ksenia and Maxim argue, but maybe it only fuels their relationship. The elemental stars are perfect for each other: Maxim is a water sign, Ksenia – earth. In numerology number compatibility 8 out of 10, it is also a very good indicator. Codes life of stars begins with the twos, which means curiosity, elevated interest in everything new and huge charisma. It combines Maxim and Ksenia, making their Union harmonious. From the General features can be noted the straightness and the absence of even a hint of tact as Ksenia and Maxim. But inherent in, again both charm makes others every time to forgive the stars for their sharp tongue,” said Kuzenbaeva.

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