После предательства близкого человека Сати Казанова уезжает работать на Бали
The singer fulfilled a longtime dream.

Photo: Instagram

After leaving the group “Factory” Sati Casanova has completely changed my life. She started singing very different songs, forgotten past entertainment in the clubs and focused on yoga, meditation and self-knowledge. Two years ago she even learned to be a teacher of yoga. Then she admitted that if her career in show business did not work, she would have devoted his life to teaching. Now the singer has decided not to give up the dream and combines stage and yoga.

“Dream come true! — to share the joy of Sati. — I’m going to Bali as a teacher of yoga and not just relax. The program will be incredible, it is all for self-knowledge: a yoga for the body, and meditation techniques, sound therapy, monterpene… All this we are preparing a great team and with great love. Of course, there will be tours of Paradise and the most mysterious island, which just changes people.”

Fans were very happy that my favorite singer was able to realize their ambitious dream. However, they worried, will it affect on her family life. In addition, the days of Casanova is seriously concerned about the public conversations about the betrayal of a loved one. 35-year-old singer did not name the guilty man in her feelings, but the fans do not exclude that Sati is going through a quarrel with her husband, photographer Stefano Tiozzo.

It is worth noting that, if earlier Sati almost every day publishes photos with her husband, now her microblogging “empty”: the last of the appeared in social networks about two weeks ago. Fans worried for the couple. “Is this about your husband?”, “For me the betrayal of a loved one made so strong that now nothing to fear”, “This is a recording of scary, I hope the man is not betrayed, Only not divorce! You are such a cool couple!” write Sati fans. The singer did not comment on assumptions of subscribers.