After “Tank” Stepanov plans to star and beyond

После «Танкистов» Степанов планирует сниматься и дальше

The star of “Inhabited island”, for a long time disappeared from the screen, returning to the cinema.

8 years ago on the screens released film adaptation of the novel by the Strugatsky brothers, and the actor talked about as a new sex symbol. But, appearing in several small roles, Vasily disappeared: not starred, not published, not talked with reporters. A couple of years ago he suddenly broke the silence and gave an interview in which he told that 4 years out of work, because the good projects he did not name, the fees is spent, he broke up with his girlfriend, actress Daria Egorova, and moved in with her parents. And again a lull.

But the other day on Instagram of Basil was reported konopelski. As it turned out, he was in the film Olga Pogodina “Tankers” about the great Patriotic war.

— Plays Vasily interpreter Cantor, the role of the striking and important, – said the General producer Olga Pogodina. — He liked me. Heavenly beautiful and inspirational artist and I love such persons in the movie, also he is very emotional on the screen and is extremely delicate in life, it all appeals to me. He returned in good spirits, surrounded by professionals and very nice people.

— Invite on samples of steel after my parents came on TV, – said Stepanov with “Antenna”. Now periodically go to the auditions. New roles naturally expected, but appear in large projects not much rush. Now we need to get started in the profession. But you see yourself as an actor, I do theatre school he graduated from, I have a diploma. Other changes yet, to create a family did not have time, live with my parents.