После слухов о пластических операциях Лобода сменила имидж
The singer appeared in an unexpected manner at the photo shoot.

После слухов о пластических операциях Лобода сменила имидж

Photo: Instagram

Svetlana Loboda continues to shock his fans. The singer refuted the information about plastic surgery of the nose, which she allegedly did during his vacation in USA. She posted a picture with a gorgeous bust and was signed that this picture will surely cause a wave of rumors that she had a boob job.

Fans laughed at her joke and was glad that Svetlana, in addition to musical talent, I have a good sense of humor. But Loboda did not stop there. The singer posted on her personal blog about images from the archival photo shoot, where she appears in the form of Bob Dylan. Photos were taken in 2011 to one glossy magazine.

«New image! — she wrote. — No chest, no nose! Reduced Breasts?! Increased foot?»

“The chest, the nose, the foot is garbage! — supported her joke fans. — Light changed gender, that’s important!»

“Sleeping with the guitar?!”another unusual plot twist friend Loboda, Tina.

Photo: Instagram

Brezhnev, by the way, recently came to the confusion anger that prevails on the Internet. It all started with the publication of a joint photo with the conductor of Greek origin, Teodor Currentzis, at the concert which she visited recently. Frame caused unexplained aggression on the part of Network users: “Terrible. Face as old boots! Can’t sing you even see the impossible”, “to Join the normal music decided, and that at most two pritopa three prihlopa. It is fashionable now among representatives of pop walking on Currentzis, such as they are also in music something you know”, “All for show. Sick of this”, “How tenderly pressed him, he, by the way, married?”.

Faith was unpleasantly surprised by the reaction of his followers. She engaged them in a verbal argument, but it got worse, as they, in turn, switched to a grave insult.

«People. What’s wrong with you. How much negativity you pour. How many nasty things they write on the Internet all in a row. Indiscriminately. Wake. Wake. You’re forming these words with his life. His world. So he becomes. Do you like to live in D…iu. Do you think that writing a negative review makes you taller and your life better? You only prove my point. Their level. Its limit. “Who are the judges?”To do good is harder. Truth!”wrote Faith.

Loboda has publicly supported a friend. “Beautiful and good Faith… — written by Svetlana in your personal blog. I agree with you. A lot of stupid and rude people. But we believe that they will be corrected!»