After Pugachev’s birthday missed the Chanson of the year

Пугачева после дня рождения пропустила Шансон года

The organizers promised that the Diva will sing, but the singer after the birthday party did not come to the Kremlin.

On 16 April in the Kremlin hosted the XV anniversary ceremony of rewarding by the award “the Chanson of year”. This year the organizers have promised a surprise that he would sing Alla Pugacheva. What large letters written on all the billboards. Of course, on the red carpet all with a sinking heart was waiting for her – Diva. The audience was whispering, “I Wonder Galkin will come or one”. But she, unfortunately, didn’t come at all.

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Apparently, all the fault of the party last night – Pugacheva celebrated with friends my birthday is 67. The event was organized by Maxim Galkin in secret from his wife. He invited her for a romantic dinner in the restaurant La Maree, and then there’s the birthday girl waiting for beloved friends.

“My head hurts a little after last night, frankly admitted to the correspondent of Woman’s Day Bujnov. — But the feeling, of course, an enjoyable stay. When its going, there is no unnecessary pathos, there is no need for somebody to do something, how come when all the Ministers of the government, it is quite another matter. Only their people. Alla did not want at all to celebrate, but all gathered and arranged her little holiday. When she walked into the restaurant, she said brilliant simple words: “I’m smiling like a fool, as if I was back in adolescence. So today let us just walk and break away like the prom field grade 10”.

I guess initially it was thought that Alla Borisovna has decided to cancel his performance on the award “the Chanson of year”. But everyone else does. Singer delighted the audience all evening: Stas Mikhailov, Grigory Leps, Irina Krug, Michael Shufutinsky, Willy Tokarev, lube, Sergey Trofimov, Tatiana Bulanova. By the way, she told that her husband, football player Vladislav Radimov lost his licence for a year and a half. In March, the traffic police stopped the car of a famous athlete and began to check the documents, it turned out that Vladislav allowed myself to get behind the wheel without a driver’s license.

“For this he was deprived of them for a year and a half, but we lead the eldest son, I drive. In the end, there is a taxi, so big problem there. A little inconvenient, of course, but once caught, we were punished”, – the singer told Woman’s Day.

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