After parting with the groom Vodonaeva with his head to the left to the

После расставания с женихом Водонаева с головой ушла в работу

Now in Instagram Alena only working pictures.

Recently Vodonaeva have broken the silence and confessed to fans: her love story, alas, ended with a happy end.

“The wedding is off, she wrote in his microblog in Instagram. — I just realized and felt the limit. I made a mistake. What I’m tired of the stupidity, emptiness, and jealousy of my independence, I said. Even more amazing that I did not expect to pass this man some copper pipe. I was willing to put up with the endless checks of my phone, tantrums and meltdowns, squabbles, changes of mood and unwillingness to grow. And I was looking for a solution. In the end, I realized that my choice fell on the man, not ready to lead nor to go hand in hand, nor to follow the woman, even if she is (stressed) more successful than you” (read more HERE).

Fans immediately rushed to comfort a leading star, but unless the words grief help? Allen, apparently, has decided not to be depressed. Instead, she plunged into work.

New show “Paranormal” psychic Ziraddin Rzayev to EN. tv, photo shoots… the other day the media personality flew to Barcelona for a fashion shoot. According to Alena, the trip was exactly as she wanted.

“It feels good here. And finally the way I wanted,” she signed one of the pictures.

It should be noted that in the Catalan capital Vodonaeva rested a couple of months ago with her son and fiancé. And then she was quite unhappy with his vacation. According to the most Alena, during a joint trip “the Rest all except her.” But this time the star seems to be fully able to enjoy the freedom.

In addition, in recognition of teledive in her life has a new man. However, to advertise the novel Vodonaeva is in no hurry.

We will remind, businessman Anton Korotkov Allen began Dating in the spring of 2015. For a time he worked as a Director at the presenter, however, due to frequent working conflicts degenerating into personal quarrels, from a family contract guys refused. Despite the fact that the relationship of the star couple was it was hard to call perfect, Allen has repeatedly said that he wants to marry Anton married. The wedding, incidentally, was scheduled for 2017.