После развода с мужем Дана Борисова... помолодела!

Just over a month the TV presenter was off for a few years and now glows with happiness.

For Dana Borisova the year started hard. When life is gone friend telediva, she fell into a depression. Following the death of a close followed by a cooling in relations with her husband. Given she filed for divorce and on 6 June on the eve of its 40th anniversary, was again free. And it went good for her!

После развода с мужем Дана Борисова... помолодела!
Dana Borisova 5 months ago

Fresh the

Almost a month ago, June 13 presenter wrote on his page: “Today is my birthday. 40 years is not noted, so I will spend the day in the company of my dear man!” – and disappeared out of sight of the fans until today.

Fans have already started to worry. If anything had happened with Dana, where did she go? Suddenly can not move away from divorce and fall back again into depression? And here Borisova surprised everyone.

“Of course, some regret that it ended there, – said Borisov in an interview with a journalist from Woman’s Day. — Sorry, for example, a beautiful wedding, which we had… But our relationship has outlived its usefulness. I’m not desperate, but don’t want to get married”.

It seems that leading is not a bit cunning. She not only did not despair, but took himself in hand. Today, Dana reappeared in the social networks and announced to fans that she is doing better than could be.

“Friends, forgive me that for so long had disappeared. After what happened, I’m a month off the phone and flew to mom Pauline in the Crimea, about much thought… now meet me in a new way after the gorgeous eyelash extensions!” – wrote Borisov.

Looking at photos of stars rested, we can say only one thing – the divorce of her face! Rest in Crimea benefited, Dana came back full of energy and so much younger!

Joyful followers were quick to Express their delight. As one called Dana doll, a Princess and a beauty. As for age, even leading a dispute broke out.

“You 20. Very beautiful!” – wrote girls.

“You look really good! And 40 is a mistake in the passport, you 25!” – admired men.

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