After breaking up with wife of Alexander Gobozov had an affair with the hairdresser

После разрыва с женой Александр Гобозов закрутил роман с парикмахером Eks-the participant “Houses-2” attribute new relationship. Aliana Gobozov officially confirmed that broke up with husband. Fans of telestroke already managed to find out who the new fiancee Alexander.
После разрыва с женой Александр Гобозов закрутил роман с парикмахером

A few months in the Network actively discussed the relationship between Aliani and Alexander Golosovye. According to fans of “House-2”, the boys have not been living together. Ex-member of telestroke long ignored questions of subscribers, but decided to break the silence after communities dedicated to reality shows, began to appear the pictures of Alexander with another girl.

“We are no longer together, we split up by mutual consent. We realized that we absolutely different people, with different perceptions of life, goals, values, etc. we each Have our own way, own life and their future. We normally communicate, all questions between themselves decided. Robert is not deprived of anyone’s attention, he has a mom and dad,” wrote Aliana on the page.
После разрыва с женой Александр Гобозов закрутил роман с парикмахером

The young woman wished former suitor of happiness in his personal life, while followers said that he refused to continue to discuss this topic. Some followers are unable to believe in the separation of the stars “House-2” and others are setting up mom and Robert’s for the best.

“Be happy! You have all only begins!” “Well done, Aliana, you’re gonna find my love”, “it is unfortunate that you are together”, “Just don’t come back, he will not change,” – wrote on the page Aliani followers.

Rumor has it that Gobozov has a new fiancee. According to some reports, the girl called Natalia, and she works in one of the salons Volgograd hairdresser. However, the man himself hides a new relationship and not showing friend to fans on social media. He continues to share with followers shots with your son, but have not commented on the breakup with Allianoi.

Recall that relationships in the family Sobotovich was very difficult. The past six months, Aliana and Alexander fought a lot. Besides, the young woman was arguing with the mother of the elect, Olga Vasilievna. After one such incident, her mother in law even had to leave home. Mother of Alexander Gobozova was on the street after quarrel with daughter-in-law

“I don’t blame Aliano for something that is not seen on her gratitude – maybe she is still too young, not too wise… But I would like to understand what is important in life – family, not “the House-2” and “Instagram” where she sits” – so spoke about Eliane’s mother Sasha.