После разрыва с женой Сергей Шнуров закрутил роман с ее близкой подругой A musician spends time in the company of old friends. Sergey Shnurov has an affair with Nika Belotserkovskaya. They brought many common interests and what each of them experienced a painful divorce.
После разрыва с женой Сергей Шнуров закрутил роман с ее близкой подругой

In late may the leader of the group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov suddenly announced the breakup with his wife Matilda. The couple were together for more than eight years. The reasons of the divorce called the difficult nature of the Cord and its way of life, mutual infidelity, no children together. Fans still hope for a reunion of the couple, but this likely will not happen.

“StarHit” found out that Sergei is quite happy in a new relationship. Moreover, with long-time friend. A beloved 45-year-old singer was… nick Belotserkovsky, who in June said the 48 anniversary.

“Probably they were alike in that both survived the collapse of her marriage, told “StarHit” surrounded by celebrities. They know each other as flaky, you know perfectly, one hundred years of swirling together in the light, they have common Hobbies… However, it is not necessary to conclude that at the end of 2017 nick filed for divorce for the sake of Sergei Shnurov, supposedly even then, something began. After her separation with her husband took place much earlier: the former husband, the oligarch Boris Belotserkovsky, has been living with a top model and journalist Polina Askeri”.

Recently Cords and Belotserkovsky gave a joint vacation – first in France, where Nicky had his own mansion, and then in Italy. In social networks, they generously shared bright images. In secular circles say that the choice of Sergei negative impact on the lives of his ex-wife. It may now be persona non grata at parties, where are their common friends. Once it is through the media Shnurov Matilda entered the “party”.

In April Sergey admitted that he considers himself lucky – after all, next to him was Matilda. Moreover, he gladly talked about the current situation, which concerned relations between the sexes. Sergey Shnurov: “Is sex don’t even remember!”

“Now more and more goats, so women now are very sorry. Men have become too narcissistic, they enjoy themselves. Left room for experimentation. – said Sergey. – Narcissism grows stronger, and the idea that the woman is better not to listen, because she is the winner of antilogic remains. Nonsense, in my opinion! It is necessary to listen and just to conclusions. The ladies can gather a lot constructive. Their logical apparatus is arranged quite differently. Their intuition is a great thing!”