After birth, Svetlana Loboda twice raised fees

После родов Светлана Лобода вдвое подняла гонорары In late may, the actress became a mother for the second time. Now Svetlana Loboda tries to spend as much time as possible with children, but because now the fans will have to pay a round sum to see the performance of the singer.
После родов Светлана Лобода вдвое подняла гонорары

A second daughter, 35-year-old Svetlana Loboda was born on may 24 – it’s hard to believe, because the famous mom has already come into shape and back to work. However, the price tag for the performance became much higher.

“To enjoy a private concert of Svetlana is worth 50 thousand euros. Road, accommodation, transfer for team of 12 people go also to the receiving side, – said the “StarHit” Natella Krapivina, the producer of the singer. Plus per diem of EUR 200″.

In the past year such a pleasure cheaper – 25 thousand Euro. Throughout pregnancy Loboda stated confidently that it is not going to stay long on maternity leave. The word she kept – two weeks after the birth of the baby flew from Los Angeles to Moscow and shone on the red carpet MUZ-TV. With baby, grandma, older sister, Evangelina, babysitter and a supply of breast milk.

Appearance all of them delighted short black dress emphasized the shape.

“There is nothing surprising in the remuneration growth no – says the organizer of stellar concerts Eugene. – So do many, Brezhnev, Gagarin… Because now they have to give up anything, is a time that you can spend with the child. The Loboda a different story altogether, flying on orders she would have from America. Proposals Svetlana comes a lot! This move – a filter, to be able to stay longer with her daughters”.

In addition, the star has time to prepare new music: songs, videos. Latest single, SuperStar, where she starred on the ninth month, caused a storm of discussions in social networks. “The shooting took place in the California desert and lasted more than six hours, – said one of the participants in the process. – In addition, the video was shot ten expectant mothers, all of them found through social networks. Svetlana showed the utmost care for the girls after every take was scheduled breaks, and the entire crew were expecting treats from organic ingredients. The process was easy enough, the actress felt fine, by the way, by the time the teaser, all the girls become mothers charming kids”.

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